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About Aneybla Exotic Trading

Connecting you to African delicacies.


Our Story

With firm roots in Ivory Coast, we’re excited to offer to the UK and the rest of the world numerous ethically sourced joys and imports from the West African country, with hopes to expand across the globe.

Aneybla translates to “girl named Aney” in the language of our founder Edwige’s home village, Aneykro. It was the name she was given by her relatives there.

It’s a reminder of where we come from, and of the ethos that continues to drive our business.

We’re passionate about sharing the wonders and richness our world has to offer, and look to distribute these luxuries as far and wide as possible.

The tropical climate of the Ivory Coast lends itself to a number of wonderful and versatile resources. From cocoa to palm oil to rubber, we’re able to import a variety of useful materials.

In times gone by, it wouldn't be out of place to describe them as exotic - a word that evokes mystery and desire. It’s this passion for the unknown that helps drive us to new sensations and experiences.

It’s our goal to help share these commodities from around the globe, and make ethically sourced products easily accessible everywhere.

About Edwige

Originally from Aneykro, a small village in Ivory Coast, Edwige has been passionate about the delicacies of her home country since childhood.

















Blessed with bountiful soil, fruits like bananas, mandarins and mangos would bloom every year. While the produce was abundant, the village lacked any reliable access routes that would allow them to share it.

Edwige’s grandma had a plantation herself, and would have so much fruit that it would risk rotting if it was not given away quickly enough.

She would say: “Just help yourself and eat as much as you can. Do not waste all this goodness.”

Edwige was struck by the waste they were faced with. She became determined to find a way to share the harvest with people who did not have the benefit of such beautiful soil near them.

During her life and career since, Edwige has had the chance to travel all around the world, experiencing the local delicacies and produce of countries from Africa, Europe, to America.

This instilled in her further drive to find a way to share the wonders of each landscape as far and wide as possible.

Now, 40 years since she first tasted the fruits of her grandma’s plantation, Edwige has the opportunity to put her vision into practice.

For her, this is all about exchanging, sharing and trading - exploring new experiences, and sourcing them ethically.

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