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Why Aneybla? The story behind the brand

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Aneybla is my name. The name given to me by my tribe, back in my village. It simply means " Girl named Aney". My grandma and relatives in my village Aneykro used to call me Aneybla.

Hearing the name Aneybla brings me back to my roots. As it is sometimes said you need a good foundation if you wish to grow tall. It is not only the sun.

I choose Aneybla to remind myself of where I am coming from. This wonderful place called Aneykro which is blessed with good soil and plenty of foods.

My grandma used to have a fruit plantation and in the harvest time, the fruits were abundant, and the village was so remote with not good access routes, so all the fruits would rot, less we give some away for free. My grandmother used to say: “Just help yourself and eat as us much as you can, do not to waste all this goodness”.

This scene of beautiful ripe avocado, mandarin, mango, bananas, orange, which will go rotten if no one were to eat if for free, continue to chock and surprise me.

How can we bring all this lovely food to people who I suspect don't have this great of a soil mother nature had granted us ? I think since my childhood, I had this question hidden somewhere inside me.

Somehow, I have the opportunity and the passion to make it happened some 40 years later. It is never too late.

Aneybla ambition is to bring the best of African products to you.

Currently, I am proposing

Exotics snacks (Cashew nut, dry mango, dry Cacao, dry coco)

Palm Kernel oil for cosmetics hair and body.

Casava Couscous

And soon any other African products of interest.

Aneybla will be your connection to the African delicacies.

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